How To Prevent Racism





The word “racism” is any specific type of action involving a restriction or a preference based on colour, exclusion, distinction, religion, descent, and ethnic or national origin. Racism is very powerful, and the action of it in an individual impairs their view on the equal rights of other individuals pertaining to their colour or nationality. There are different types of racism and where it typically occurs in society. Racism can become a dangerous thing, and if we do not find some way to prevent it, it could lead to some serious issues.


Types Of Racism


There are 3 specific types of racism and they include individual, institutional, and cultural. These types mean exactly how they sound. Individual racism is when an act of racist behaviour includes an individual or even a group. Institutional racism is when schools become a part of the racism and they discriminate those individuals who are of a certain colour. Cultural racism specifically involves any social racist ideas or beliefs within all types of social areas. These areas can include stores, businesses, social media, the press, etc.

These different types of racism can be found among many different areas in society today. You can find racism, or racist actions, in students, staff members, amongst peers, and within public groups and individuals. There are several ways that people become involved in racist behaviours. They can be found within insults due to the persons nature or nationality, written offensive comments, verbal comments, offensive pictures, and discrimination when it comes to jobs, services, and even education.

Experiencing Racism


Whenever you find yourself under attack of racism, there are several things that you can do to try and get the situation resolved. Whenever you are in school or on a job, there are many ways that you can protect yourself if you feel like you are being harassed or attacked. If you need to resolve a racist issue, you can talk to a professional in this area to help. They can approach the racist individual and tell them that the behaviour and the racist comments need to stop immediately. You can make a formal complaint or even talk to your supervisor, teacher, or professional that is above you. There are also union’s that can be contacted to make sure that the situation gets handled properly and professionally.




Even though racism can be an overwhelming and scary situation to handle, there are many things that can be done to prevent this type of actions from occurring. The many professionals and those in charge can easily promote and encourage a mutual respect between individuals. It is important to support policies that are against racism and to do so in an open manor. If you become a witness to any type of racist behaviour or attacks, it is important to make sure and report it immediately. This way the situation can be addressed as soon as possible and taken care of. The individuals that you do witness are under attack, you can offer support to them and help them as the issues are being handled. Whether you are a teacher, principle, supervisor, or any other type of individual in charge, make sure that you circulate all of this important information about racism around your school or job site. You will need to make sure that everyone understands what the consequences will be if there is any type of racists behaviour on the site. When people are aware of the rules before hand, it will help to prevent any serisous racism issues from arising.




In conclusion, it is important to bring these types of racist issues to light, and to stand up against the act of racism. When more people decide to take a stand against these issues, that is when the act of this type of behaviour will be knocked down. The only way to defeat racist behaviours is to try to prevent it. The more individuals fight against racism from building up, the less that these acts and behaviour will be able to flare up. It needs to be prevented and conquered, before it ends up taking a serious turn for the worst.

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