Go Green with These Four Eco-Friendly Plumbing Practices



Eco-plumbing aka green plumbing is a growing trend amongst homeowners. Water usage at home dictates largely how ‘green’ or otherwise your home is. The good thing is that becoming part of the green plumbing revolution is very easy.


Wasting water and electricity in your home is the last thing you want. Going “eco-friendly” with sustainable plumbing techniques and products is inexpensive and easy. The following are ways you can go green with plumbing practices:


Go eco-friendly with toilets


Households can reduce their water consumption through newer environmental-friendly dual-flush toilets. Toilets with water-efficient flush use less water. Dual-flush toilets have levers or buttons that allow users to choose either short or long flush. On the hand, pressure-assisted toilets use compressed air to shove water from the tank to bowl. Both types of toilets reduce water consumption. They are much better compared to the traditional gravity-fed models.


Go eco-friendly with water-efficient fixtures


You can also go green on your plumbing escondido fixtures by using adjustable-steam and low-flow showerheads and restrictors on faucets. These easy to install showerheads will reduce your water consumption drastically because of their low flow nature. You could also save many gallons of water every year if you install water-efficient aerators on your faucets. Aerators are affordable and readily available at local home stores. Another way you can go eco-friendly on fixtures is by downsizing tubs. All these measures contribute to an eco-friendly living. The benefits are numerous.

Go eco-friendly with water-efficient appliances


Do you have old appliances that need replacement? Well, the best way to replace older and water-inefficient models is by buying environmental-friendly appliances. Such appliances include refrigerators, tankless water heaters, dishwashers, washers, and hot water heaters. By buying EnergyStar appliances, you are able to save radically on cost. Moreover, your appliances produce fewer emissions that can harm the environment.

Go eco-friendly on the outside


You can also extend your green campaign to the outdoors. By using drip irrigation for shrubs and plants, you can be able to cut water consumption big time. Alternatively, you can turn to sensor- or weather-based irrigation control technologies. Such systems utilize advanced irrigation controllers that allow irrigation to closely match the plants’ water requirements.


Go eco-friendly with low-flow shower-heads


Installing low-flow shower-heads is another high-impact, low-cost green plumbing option. Over the years, these shower-heads have undergone some serious technological advances that put them in the same league as most regular shower-heads. Therefore, you can trust them as much as the normal ones.

Another strategy to cut down water usage


Remember to water plants intensely (deeply) but infrequently. This is because plants do better if you allow the soil to dry out in between watering. Doing this can save you many gallons of water monthly especially of your home has a large number of plantings.


Advancements in technology provide effective and greener energy sources for your plumbers escondido practices. They go a long way in helping your “go green plumbing efforts.” To benefit you greatly, the green campaign should be employed both inside and outside your home. By doing the above, you can reduce water consumption by close to 50%. .

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